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Aloe: For More Than Just Burns!

Aloe Vera

Many of us already know a thing or two that Aloe can be used for aside from being an attractive center-piece for our dining room tables or windowsill. The frond secretions work wonders for burns, be they from the sun or from a kitchen mishap! What many people don’t know is that there are far more uses for the Aloe than just a burn treatment. We’ve dug up a handful of amazing uses for the Aloe that you might have previously been unaware of.


Stings or Insect Bites


mosquitoBeing outdoors is part of living a happy and healthy life. Inevitably, we encounter the denizens of the wild, especially insects. Working in a garden during the spring season can sometimes place you in the path of a hard working bee, a hunting wasp, or a hoard of ants building a nest. Without warning, they can strike, and leave you with a painful sting. Rubbing a bit of Aloe over the inflamed area can actually help alleviate the pain of the sting or soothe the itching, allowing your skin to begin healing and helping to neutralize the venom from the sting. It’s also useful for the swelling of mosquito bites as well!


Aloe is a Natural Antiseptic


band-aidThe Aloe Vera contains at least 6 natural and potent antiseptics which can kill various forms of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold. While many people have their chosen go-to ointments and salves for sores, cuts, scrapes, or small wounds, the Aloe is hands down one of the most effective natural treatments that can be readily available and grown right in the home.


Skin Conditions, Rashes, or Skin Reactions


aloe skin careDry skin, eczema, rashes, Rosacea, and even Psoriasis can be potentially alleviated by applying Aloe Vera as directed by your doctor. The various nutrient compounds found within the plant can help heal various skin conditions, and can even reverse scaring and stretching! It can also be used to treat pimples and acne, helping to kill bacteria, moisturizing and flushing pores, and preventing dryness and cracking of the affected skin.


Hair Treatment


aloe hair careAloe can actually help with hair care in several ways, including hair regrowth, reducing dandruff, and as a natural conditioner, revitalizing your hair and helping to maintain silky smooth hair, preventing damage from heat or other moisture-stripping products. Just apply a little to the scalp area and let sit for half an hour to allow it time to absorb and work its magic!


Gastrointestinal Benefits


Aloe juiceAloe can actually be ingested in various ways in order to alleviate several gastrointestinal issues, believe it or not. Drinking the juice can soothe and prevent indigestion. Ingesting Aloe can help with things such as cholesterol and triglycerides, helping you to maintain a healthy heart. Frequently sipping a bit of the juice or adding it to smoothie concoctions can aid with bowel movements, as it functions similar to a laxative. Ingesting it can also help aid with or even prevent things such as irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, heartburn, stomach ulcers, congestion, urinary tract infections, colitis, and hemorrhoids.



As you can see, if you don’t have an aloe plant in your home, it’s high time to get one! And hey, it is one of the the easiest plants to grow, so why not?

What do you use Aloe for? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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