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7 Hard to Kill Plants for the “Black Thumb”

Some people are born with a green thumb, being gifted with having the ability to nurture plant-life, ensuring that those plants reach their full magnificence and potential. Then there are the rest of us, who have a tough enough time remembering to feed and water ourselves, much less our plant friends! We are the dreaded “black thumbs” and despite our most earnest endeavors to cultivate our flower gardens and rose bushes, everything we touch seems to wither and die.

Fear not, black thumbs! There is not really such a thing as being a “black thumb”; everyone has the capability of being a willow-whisperer. Becoming a world class grower simply takes a bit of time and knowledge, but sometimes we don’t have very much time to spare. If you happen to love greenery, flowers, and natural aesthetics in and around your home or office but simply don’t have the time or energy to properly care for the more demanding plants, don’t fret. We’ve come up with a list of some of the most resilient, hard to kill plants out there that are sure to liven up their environment, while also staying alive!

Garden MumHard to Kill Plants-Garden Mum

The garden mum is a very good choice for starting out. Not only are garden mums fantastic for indoor air purifying, but they are very inexpensive and extremely low maintenance. They can be found at almost any garden store, and can even be planted outside after their flowers bloom. Garden mums are cheap, efficient, and very hardy, so even if you have a hard time keeping your plants alive, these little guys can withstand quite a bit and are easily replaceable.

Hard to Kill Plants-Jade PlantJade

Jade plants are famous for their fleshy leaves that store copious amounts of moisture for extended dry periods. Jade plants are much more forgiving of skipped watering cycles than other some other plant types, and are easily propagated by simply placing their leaves directly into the soil. Beautiful, resilient and self-propagating, the Jade is easily one of the most efficient and sustainable plants you could own.

Hard to Kill Plants-Aloe VeraAloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants are some of the most dynamic of plants. Much like the Jade, Aloe Vera stores lots of moisture inside of it fronds, as they are typically accustomed to dry and arid environments, but can also handle humid climates as well. Most people are familiar with Aloe Vera as a burn treatment, or an organic health supplement. Aloe can also help filter out harmful indoor chemical build-up from the air as well. A versatile and hardy plant, the Aloe Vera plant is great for almost any fledgling grower.

Peace LilyHard to Kill Plants-Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is another highly recommended survivor of a plant with added health benefits for indoor air purification. Tried-and-true toughies, Peace Lilies are a die-hard necessity for any self-proclaimed garden reaper! One great quality that Peace Lilies have aside from being notoriously un-killable is that they produce some truly beautiful flowers during the summer months. Talk about beauty from a beast!

Hard to Kill Plants-Spider PlantSpider Plant

Spider plants are yet another tough plant with a superpower. They can propagate at an incredible rate after flowering, ensuring that you have so many that you never know quite know just what to do with all of them! Spider plants are another favorite on our list for how resilient they are, and how truly easy they are to grow. With a bit of indirect sunlight and occasional watering, you will have a plethora of Spider plants popping up all around!

FicusHard to Kill Plants-Ficus Trees

Ficus trees are resilient enough to make our list, and cool enough to be a stand-out for folks who want something a little unique. The Ficus can grow anywhere from 2 to 10 feet tall depending on its potting environment and care, and are exceptional at air purification. These plants are much more forgiving over missed watering cycles than most, and actually prefer the soil to dry out before adding more moisture.

Hard to Kill Plants-Snake Plant

Snake Plant/ Mother-in-law’s Tongue

One of the most commonly found indoor plants is the Snake Plant, also known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue. These verdant plants are one of the hardest plants to kill, requiring very little light or moisture, and preferring dryer conditions. Being one of the most forgiving of plants, the Snake Plant provides much in the way of air purifying benefits and demands so little in return. A definitive choice for low maintenance and maximum benefit.

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