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Use Interiorscaping to Bring Your Lobby to Life!

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Many businesses and offices are rather plain, or very professional in aesthetics. Neutral color walls and modest furnishings can be adequate, but sometimes adding a natural flair to your lobby can be quite pleasing not only for yourself and your employees, but also clients and customers who may visit your office.

Just What is Interiorscaping?


The term “interiorscaping” is a fairly new concept that entails landscaping, but for your home, office, or any indoor area where you wouldn’t typically find a plethora of flora naturally. While indoor-landscaping may sound like a daunting task, there is actually far less work and effort required in creating the perfect indoor garden that suits your needs.


hanging interiorscapingIt’s Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are fantastic space savers, and can help to achieve that natural aura you are seeking if space is a concern. If you have a larger area to work with, you can actually create some marvelous set pieces with relative ease. Not only does including various plants and flowers add a visually pleasing element to your office, but also has many positive health benefits as well, such as natural air filtration and added moisture to the working atmosphere.

It’s Potted Plants

potted interiorscapingInteriorscaping provides a level of versatility that is not always feasible or achievable with outdoor gardening. Being able to re-arrange or move potted plants and fixtures is far easier than digging up or uprooting planted foliage and flowering plants. If you create a design that you don’t enjoy, you can easily switch things up whenever you like!


It Can Be Simple

simple interiorscapingYou can keep your interiorscape as simple as you like. Even a few indoor plants can make a huge difference in the atmosphere and general appeal of your place of business.


Or Very Complex

You can also create magnificent and complex gardens replete with various layers of plant types and textures for creating a living and flowing tapestry of life that is sure to inspire all those who visit.

biglobby interiorscaping

Its Inspiring

escalator interiorscapingIn order to achieve that perfect “inspiring lobby experience” that can say so much about your business, it is highly recommended that you seek out professionals in your area who have experience with such concepts, and who can work with you to install all of the decorative necessities you desire, such as small fountains and ponds, open aquariums, pumps, in-door irrigation, as well as help you choose the perfect plant types that will work best in the environment you wish to transform.

A professional team of plant caretakers and designers can aid you in designing the perfect set-piece within your budget range, as well as assisting you with planting, grooming, watering, and other basic plant-care that is essential for keeping your garden healthy and vibrant, which can be especially valuable for those of us who want all that an interior garden has to offer, but have less-than-ideal lighting conditions and a black thumb!

Are you in the Augusta, GA area and interested in learning more about how Plants by Bird can help you with interiorscaping your business with beautiful plants? Give us a call at 706-541-9494 or send us a message on our contact form.

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