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The Best Plants for Your Lobby

Having a decorative atmosphere in your office or place of business has been proven to enhance the experience of customers, clients, and employees. The first thing people notice upon entering your office is the lobby itself. Lobby décor can be something as simple as a table, chairs, and a stack of magazines, or as extravagant as flowing fountains, in-door waterfalls, and aquariums. One of the easiest and arguably one of the most satisfying and cost-effective additions to office lobby décor are in-door plants.
There are many, many in-door plants to choose from, and creating that perfect setting that suits you can seem like a daunting task. There are different variables to consider when choosing the appropriate plants, such as moisture requirements, amount of sunlight exposure, and frequency of maintenance.
We asked around and have created a short list of some of our favorite lobby plant options that are sure to suit your needs.

Low Light Conditions: Sansevieria Black CoralSnake Plant

Colloquially referred to as “Mother in Law’s Tongue”, this beautiful cultivar is perfect for almost any lighting environment and can survive for prolonged periods of neglect. With its tall, green-gray and dark green narrow leaves, these exotic plants are one of the easiest to grow, and look fantastic as accent placements or in large mass planters and beds.

Kentia Palm Tree

Medium Light Conditions: Kentia Palm

The Kentia Palm is a tropical native of Lord Howe Island off the eastern coast of Australia, where its actual namesake, Howea forsteriana is derived from. These elegant palms do quite well indoors, and are a popular choice as a lobby plant because of it being so well-suited to container growing, as well as it’s durable but slow growing nature. Kentia Palms can grow to an impressive 60 feet in height, but typically reach anywhere between 5 to 12 feet indoors.

Kentia Palms can tolerate lower light environments, but in order for them to thrive, it’s best to keep them in a moderately well-lit area. They do not require as much moisture as many other plants, and actually prefer dryer conditions and little humidity.

Heavy/Direct Light Conditions: “Weeping Fig” FicusWeeping Fig (Ficus Benjamina) in Pot

Imported from Holland and introduced in 1995, these cultivars are vibrant tree-like plants that exhibit thick green-black leaves and bushy up-right growth patterns of dense foliage. While these plants can grow under various lighting conditions, the Weeping Fig thrives in heavy and direct sunlight, yet does not require as much moisture as other Ficus plants of the same family. The Weeping Fig does exceptionally well in pots and containers, and can grow up to about 5-8 feet in height. These plants enjoy an average temperature between 78 to 90 F day temperatures and 70 to 75 F night temperatures. Pruning and shaping can help create the desired shape of the plant as it grows, but is not necessary.

These are just some of our top picks to help spruce up your office lobbies, but you may find other fan-favorite lobby plants that didn’t make our list. Feel free to let us know what your favorite indoor lobby plants are or like to see when visiting a lobby and why in the comments section below!

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