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3 Indoor Plants That Thrive in Low Light

Low Light Plants

At times when decorating an indoor space, lighting conditions can play a major role in your decision on décor. When it comes to indoor plants in particular, your daily average light exposure will dictate which plants can thrive, and which plants can’t. We’ve scoured our sources and come up with three plants we believe to be fantastic and helpful plant choices that can handle low light conditions and do well in almost any environment.


ZZ Plant – Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

zz plant


The ZZ plant is a popular favorite for folks who otherwise have a difficult time managing indoor plants and busy lives. Relatively easy to grow, these plants don’t actually require much in the way of TLC, and will flourish in low light and with little watering. The ZZ plant is perfect for the busy professional who desires the natural beauty of living décor, but might not always have the time for upkeep!


Snake Plant – Sansevieria

Snake Plant


Also known as the “Snake Plant”, the Sansevieria is one of the easiest indoor plants to grow, albeit quite slowly. Quite hardy and forgiving of neglect, the Snake Plant does well in both high light and low light conditions, and can flourish in almost any setting. The only way to jeopardize these plants is by overwatering or exposing it to very cold temperatures for extended periods of time.



Dragon Tree – Dracaena Marginata



Yet another very easy-to-grow and quite hardy entry is the Dragon Tree. Renowned for being resilient and seemingly able to “resurrect” from an almost death-like state after repotting and care, these amazing indoor plants are a fantastic choice for the hands-off grower. Shade and low light is where the Dragon Tree prefers to make its home, and can only be harmed by overwatering. They are slow to grow, but have the potential to reach about 6 ft. in height. The Dragon Tree is an all-around excellent choice for darker homes or offices with higher ceilings.

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