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Plant Tips for Cat Lovers!

Cat Safe Plants

As a cat lover, you know all too well how difficult it can be sometimes to display flowers, plants, or any “interesting” decorations seasonally or year-round. Cats are naturally inquisitive creatures, and love to play with and nibble on just about everything! Potted plants become amusements and dirt often times gets scattered everywhere. So how can you maintain a beautiful setting in your home and not have to kick the kitty outside?

It’s important to research specific plants before introducing them into your home. Some plants are actually quite toxic to our feline friends, and pose very real health risks to them if ingested. Morning Glorys, Eggplants, and various seeds or pits can cause severe reactions in cats, dogs, and many other pets.

The CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association) has a very useful list of plants that are toxic to cats that can help you to identify and avoid those that are harmful to your furry friends.

Once you’ve settled on a pet-friendly piece, keeping your cat from snacking, playing, or uprooting the plant is the next step to creating a safe and beautiful setting.

You can try placing large rocks, seashells, or even pine cones embedded in or on top of the soil to keep pesky paws from disturbing the soil. Plastic sheeting or wire screens are also effective, keeping weeds from taking root as well as keeping claws at bay.

Finally, try planting a few plants for your cats! Some cats love barley, catnip, and even mint. You can create a safe area for them to enjoy those plants, while maintaining a beautiful setting for your displays in or around your home. You can even incorporate the “cat-plants” into a display that works together and resonates well with your other home décor.

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